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Specialized Camera Sales division of Ox Creek Energy Assoc Inc. is an importer, distributor, sales and service for specialized cameras including infrared, visible, and ultraviolet for specialized applications.

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CoroCAM Ultraviolet Cameras for Corona Discharge and Other applications

The CoroCAM family of ultraviolet viewers and daylight corona cameras enable users to locate ultraviolet emissions and image the background in color concurrently in the visible. Solar-blind cameras are typically bi-spectral meaning they have two cameras (one visible and one ultraviolet looking at the same field-of-view). Using a camera that can image the solar-blind wavelengths enables the cameras to see ultraviolet emissions during bright sunlight and overlay them precisely on the visible color background. The CoroCAM 504 is the world's newest bi-spectral camera. The MultiCAM is the newest and only multi-spectral camera.

The CoroCAM family of cameras can be viewed at this website and more video clips are available at the CoroCAM manufacturers website. To discuss an application or for more information about the CoroCAM family of cameras or for a demonstration please contact us Toll-free at 1-800-531-6232 or (920) 255-5510or by email.

See the application video and images collected by Specialized Camera and more about the models of the CoroCAM camera family. Request a comparision chart of the CoroCAM models or go directly to the information for each camera from the links at the bottom of each webpage.

Applications for the CoroCAM family of ultraviolet cameras include:

Contact Specialized Cameras at 1-800-531-6232 or by email to discuss your special imaging application (typically non-visible) and we can package a system to meet your needs, along with camera operation training.

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