CoroCAM 504 & MultiCAM Ultrasound Option

CoroCAM 504 & MultiCAM with UE Systems Ultrasound

CoroCAM 504 & MultiCAM Extended Thermal Operating Range

CoroCAM 504 Jacket, Hot & Cold Packs

CoroCAM 504 & MultiCAM Extended Operating Time Sling

CoroCAM 504 & MultiCAM Shoulder Sling Carrier

CoroCAM 504 & MultiCAM Extended Operating Time Sling & LCD Display

CoroCAM 504 or MultiCAM Bandolier Sling Carrier & LCD Display

Audio, Video Recorders & LCD Display

Audio-Video Recorders & LCD Display

Other recorders available.

Other displays available.

Pan & Tilt, Controller & LCD Display

Pan & Tilt, Remote Control & LCD Display for CoroCAM 504, CoroCAM 6D, Ultrasound

Other displays / display sizes available.

Other camera & vehicle mounting brackets available.

Contact Specialized Camera Sales for a Demonstration at your site or to Buy these Options for Your CoroCAM 504 or MultiCAM.

CoroCAM & Corona Training
CoroCAM & Corona Training
Corona Technology Course (video of 2 days) on DVD

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Corona Technology Course & Corona Technician Exam.

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CoroCAM - MultiCAM User's Group

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