CoroCAM 504, Daylight & Exclusive Digital Low-Light Corona Camera

The CoroCAM 504 is a unique Daylight corona camera with color visible and solar-blind ultraviolet for specialized applications such as electrical corona and arcing detection and imaging. The CoroCAM 504 also has the patented feature using the on-screen menu to remove the solar-blind filter from the UV detector optical path which increases the UV sensitivity in low-light environments, such as generator winding inspection. This is the most sensitive corona camera available!

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CoroCAM 504 Brochure PDF HV Survey Advancement Presentation PDF CoroCAM 504 & UE Systems Ultrasound Corona Detection and Imaging
CoroCAM 504 Images

More CoroCAM 504 images, info, instruction manual and working with ultrasound, is available on the "Camera CD". Send an email and ask for it!

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