Camera Adjustments

There are no manual or mechanical adjustments to be made to the outside or inside of the CoroCAM 504 camera. There is no scheduled factory or calibration maintenance. The operator should inspect and clean the cooling intake air filter on the bottom of the camera, if on the camera display the "Overtemperature" alert happens.

All camera adjustments are made via the pushbuttons on the rear and right-hand side of the camera case while observing the on-screen menu selection, the adjustment quantity and the effect on the viewfinder or display.

Generally on-screen Menu items that are selectable or adjustable have an arrow after them, there are exceptions, such as the UV Focus, ... All of these will be discussed and examples provided in this training material. I expect these items will be addressed in future software upgrades to the camera, how to install software upgrades will also be addressed in this training.

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