Camera Check-Out

Initial Camera Check-out is to verify the proper operation of all items that are controlled by the camera menu, and automatic items such as the cooling fan.

The right side pushbuttons.

The Rear pushbuttons.

1. Remove the lens cap.

2. Start camera check-out by lifting the viewfinder.

3. Press the silver metal bar to open the rear cover.

4. Insert the formatted memory card.

5. Insert a fully charged battery.

6. Close the rear door of the camera.

7. Point the lens end of the camera towards a wall or the floor for Laser Safety.

8. With the camera sitting on a clean, dry surface press the start button.

9. The "Power On" lite should lite.

10. The camera will cycle the cooling fan automaticly.

11. A beep will be heard as the laser momentarily lights.

12. The viewfinder will display the camera software revision number momentarily.

13. The viewfinder will then display the visible image, this image should be stable.

14. Lift the camera and point the lens toward a florescent light, there will normally be many snowflakes or photons of ultraviolet light.

15. 14. Camera Off - Momentarily push the Power button and then momentarily the rear Select button.

This is the basic camera check, if all indications are present this is normal.

If any indications are questionable please call 800-531-6232 to discuss the indications observed.

If you are putting the camera back into the carrying case, I recommend a good habit is to remove the battery to prevent putting the camera in the case while turned on as the camera would overheat.

Proceed to "Camera Operation" to learn about the menu selectable and adjustable items that will help you to display corona, contrast the corona against the background, record the corona with labels and GPS coordinates, use the laser pointer to highlight the corona or arcing location to show others. Also study the Corona Technology Course to learn the 5 W's (who, what, when, where and why) of corona and the problems that cause corona and arcing leading to outages.

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