Camera Operation

Following inventory of the camera set, batteries, power and audio-video cords, memory card, headset, ...

Following preperation (charging batteries, ) ....

Following a quick Operation Check of the camera, swing the camera past the sun or a florescent light and look for speckles, then it is time to go to productive work and properly survey high voltage equipment in a thoughtful manner to insure all sides of the equipment are thoroughly inspected for corona, arcing, audible and visible damage indications that can all be recorded to the on-board Memory Card when found. Proper documentation of findings by storing images of equipment identifiers, using the two on-screen "Label" lines, using the microphone to record descriptive audio clips to the Memory Card, the GPS to record your location, the laser pointer to point out to others with you where the problem is, all of these methods are easily used, maintain productivity and a trail by keeping a proper record in one place.

CoroCAM 504 as used.

Config Menu

1. Press the rear select button to bring up the on-screen menu.

You will see the Config menu with Default under it, this is where the camera settings can be returned to Default. The operator can also follow the steps to assemble your own settings and then label that group of settings. Some of the reasons you may wish to have more configurations at the touch of a button is for aerial work, for low-light scanning a substation at night or when working inside a hydro generator. When you shut the camera off it will retain settings so when you restart it will have the shutdown settings, to get the Default settings, select Default and push the rear select PB.

Main Ctrl Menu

1. UV Gain - Adjusts the UV sensitivity, + to increase, - to decrease, Range 0 to 100 displayed on the top of the image.

2. UV Floor - Adjusts UV input noise, + to increase, - to decrease, Range 0 to 100 displayed on the top of the image.

3. Focus - Visible camera, selects auto or manual Range 0 to 100 displayed on the top of the image, + to Focus Far, - to Focus Close. Select on rear PB or side Select PB.

4. Zoom - 0.5, x1, x2 the UV and Visible are focus slaved. When in x4 or Variable the corona source must be held into the center of the display. The Zoom range is 0 to 100 and is displayed on the top of the image.

5. UV Focus - Rear center PB or side Select PB changes from Manual to Auto UV Focus, UV Focus distance is typically 0 to 60 feet, beyond 60 feet it is infinite focus. Look at a far object and change press the select button to turn off the UV Focus. The UV Focus can help to sharpen the UV image at close ranges. When in UV Auto Focus you can hear the focus motor running.

Aux Ctrl Menu

1. Filters -

UV Attack, Range 0 to 100, Steps 0, 14, 29, 43, 57, 71, 86, 100. Typical 14 or 29. This gets rid of the snow and noise, use with UV Decay, UV Threshold and UV Gain to perfect the image for storage.

UV Decay, Range 0 to 100, Steps 0, 14, 29, 43, 57, 71, 86, 100. The typical setting is 14 or 29. This helps to keep the corona "on-screen" for storage as an image, and when corona signals are weak it "holds" the signal on the screen.

UV Threshold, Range 0 to 100, in + / - 1 steps, using the right side + / - buttons.

Convolute, On/Off with rear select PB, see indicator on display.

2. Storage, Select Save Still or Load Still

Save Still, Rear PB only, This grabs a video image when the rear select button is pressed, then is ready for an audio message by pressing the Hot Key, or press any key to escape.

Load Still - Rear PB selects, then use rear left-right-up-down to locate and then press the center PB to select the image to be displayed.

3. VFinder, select Brightness or Color

Brightness, Range 0 to 100, Adjust using + and -, the norm is 100%.

Color, Range 0 to 100, Adjust using + and -, the norm is 50%.

4. Earphone, Range 0 to 100, Adjust using right side + and - to increase or decrease the earphone volume, the default is 50%.

5. UV Color, Adjust using + or - for best contrast. White is the default color, fifteen colors from see-thru to red, green, blue, yellow, purple,...

Settings Menu

1. Image - Default is UV & Visible, Select using rear PB only.

UV & Visible - This displays the corona overlaid onto the visible image.

UV Image - This has corona on a black background, this can be used to locate very weak sources, and in very visibly crowded, or visible backgrounds in motion.

2. Pointer - The Laser Pointer, select using the rear PB only as a momentary switch, the pointer is energized and a beeper sounds as long as the PB is depressed keeping the laser on. The laser spot helps others to "see" where the corona is.

3. Stabilize - Stabilizes visible camera for long distance viewing. See the "ST" on the right side of the display.

4. Back Light - Select using the rear Select PB only, the back light lights up the image and helps to distinguish in low light conditions. See the "BL" on the right side of the display.

5. Low Light - This changes the visible camera from color to black and white for use in low light conditions. A color camera can focus to a minumum of about 3 lumens, a black and white camera can focus to about .07 lumens. Select using the rear Select PB only. See the "LL" on the right side of the display.

6. Night View - This is a patented exclusive CoroCAM 504 capability, this is selected using the rear Select PB to remove the daylight corona filter, which can only be used in a low-light condition, when the day-light filter is removed it increases the UV sensitivity to the best available on the planet. See the "NV" on the right side of the display.

Setup Menu

1. GPS - Global Position Sensing, this precisely locates the camera on the face of the earth with coordinates.

Display On/Off - Use the rear Select PB to turn this on or off.

Status - Selecting this displays the satelites in view and the status of the signals, and when the position coordinates are established.

2. Language - Select English or Afrikaner.

English -

Afrikaner -

3. Labels - These can be set-up using the right keys select and + or select and - to rotate thru the alphabet and numerals sequentially.

Label 1 - Can identify your company, the customer, ...

Label 1 Off

Label 2 - Can identify the substation or device being scanned.

4. Date Time - Select the item to be adjusted and use the + or - to adjust.

Minutes -

Hours -

Day -

Month -

Year -

5. Ctr Period - UV Photon Counter Period - Use the rear PB to select and then + and - to adjust the steps, 0.02, 0.2, 2.0 and 20 seconds. Typically use 2.0 seconds for a manually held camera on the ground. If used from a vehicle or helicopter you may prefer to use a 0.2 second setting for more rapid update as you step thru each frame later it will provide a more precise corona count.

6. Show Param - This puts the UV Gain, the UV Attack, and the UV Decay settings on the left side of the corona box on the display. This is switched on / off by the rear Select PB only.

7. Zero Image Number - Select by rear Select PB, then press the - (minus) PB to zero the image and audio storage registers for the Memory Storage Card. Only do this after the Memory Storage Card is formatted.

8. Audio Mode - Mode 1 or Mode 2

Mode 1 - Mode 1 is used for early models of the CoroCAM 504 to "fix" an echo.

Mode 2 - Mode 2 is used for all CoroCAM 504 in North America. The audio output is continuous for external recording and for recording to the Memory Card.

If you are putting the camera back into the carrying case, I recommend a good habit is to remove the battery to prevent putting the camera in the case while turned on as the camera would overheat.

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