Camera Accessories

This will identify and show the connections of each of the accessories. How each of the accessories is used and alternate uses. There is some necessary overlap with Camera Options.

CoroCAM 504 Rear Cover -
How to Open the rear Cover
CamCorder Type Battery, Sony Type NP-F770 The battery is fused, plug it into the wrong charger and it won't work anymore, throw it away properly and get a new one where camcorders are sold.
Memory Card, Flash SanDisk Memory Card, have used up to 4GB.
Microphone Jack, 3.5mm mono connection
Headphone Jack, 3.5 mm mono connection Furnished with Sennheiser PC-131 microphone-headphone set.
"Power In" Indicator Lite
12 vDC Input power from power supply or lighter socket
S Video output
Composite Video Output, 30 frames/sec, RCA female jack
Audio Output, Continuous audio output, can be used as an audio amplifier for the microphone input.
USB Output, connect to computer for CoroLink software.
RS-232, not used for anything, use care not to short it out.
Push this pin to the left to remove the rear cover from the camera.

CoroCAM 504 Video Output -
RS-422 connector for S-Video out & Remote Control

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