Corona Evaluation

The following examples and explanations of corona activity are meant to compliment the Corona Technology Course on DVD's received with the camera.

Corona Examples
Adjust Corona Color to Contrast with Background See Thru, Very Useful to Identify Source Red or Green are Good

Corona Examples
Advice, Info, Camera Adjustments Corona Video & Images Corona Video & Images
Contaminated Suspension Insulators at 345kV Contaminated Suspension Insulators
The bolt at the cross-arms is arcing, next is fire. Road salt contributes. Distribution Pole Pre-Fire
Rain drops on insulators and changing corona color. Wet Insulators, Changing Corona Color
The wire diameter is too small for the applied voltage, the current doesn't require a larger diameter but the voltage does. Electric Field Intensity
Spider webs on the insulator, condensation can make this more conductive and flash-over potential is very high, Dangerous! Spider Webs
Corona may be heard from different angles but only be seen with the corona camera from one direction sometimes. Look from all angles. Look from all angles.
This is a great example of corona, between a ground conductor and an insulator bolt (that should be grounded, but often the entire wood structure is used an an insulator, false security when it rains! Corona Gap Corona Gap
This is an example of arcing, when it rains! The cause is behind the capacitor bank. Arcing
Any color but white will contrast best with the sky. Corona Color Corona Color
The corona by the cap, changes the cement making it porous and the insulator accumulates water inside, then flahes over internally changing the water to steam and exploding the insulator. Corona on Post Insulator
Adjust the UV Gain and Filters, center the image, zoom so the object fills the corona box, now make a great report. Adjustments
The corona is only shown in the box on the screen, if the box is some color, turn down the gain and check your Filter settings. Corona Box Corona Box

If you are putting the camera back into the carrying case, I recommend a good habit is to remove the battery to prevent putting the camera in the case while turned on as the camera would overheat.

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Corona Examples

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