Initial Inventory

Upon receipt of the camera set, conduct an Initial Inventory to insure all pieces on the packing list are present, not damaged, accounted for in a manner that stores them back to the case for future use.

The standard CoroCAM 504 in North America includes two factory installed options, these are a laser pointer and a GPS that puts position coordinates on the image stored in the camera and on the video output image.

The following picture shows the complete camera set ready for 8 hours work. The only thing I would carry in my computer bag is a power strip, so all battery's can be re-charged concurrently overnight. Below each of the adaptors and cables are identified, in the training materials it will show how they are interconnected for use.

This picture shows all of the items that can be fit into the CoroCAM 504 carrying case.

This is then sub-divided into the video, power, data, and sound groups, see table below.

CoroCAM 504 Standard Accessories
Video Power Data Sound Position Operation

For options inventory see the options page.

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