CoroCAM 504 Options
Laser Pointer Operation Laser Pointer
GPS Operation GPS Status
Extended Keyboard Unit Operation
Remote Control System Operation
LCD Display Multiple types of LCD available, including with zoom, & zoomx2.
Ultrasound The CoroCAM 504 is complimented by ultrasound in locating corona or arcing sources. Ultrasound-Corona Audio-Video
Camcorder for Audio-Video Recording Operation
Audio-Video Recorder with LCD Display Operation
Audio-Video Recorder with Digital Storage Operation
Bandolier Carry Strap & Bracket Hands free camera carrying, LCD option, works great.
Hot & Cool Packs & Bracket for Extended Temperature Operation Operation
Jacket for Extended Temperature Operation Operation

RFI/TVI Detection Antenna

Pan & Tilt Unit Operation

For option pricing or additional options may be available, please ask. Call 800-531-6232 or email

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