Preperation is the first step to success, checking each of the cords and any adaptors to understand it's function and for damage, fully charging the batteries initially takes longer, each step correctly done insures success.

Charging Batteries

I normally put both battery chargers onto a power strip and plug in all 4 batteries, for the initial charge, plan to let the batteries on overnight. The batteries and chargers are "smart" and will not overcharge or take a memory, you can recharge a battery from any level, and it is best to leave the batteries on charge until ready to use, do not put the batteries in storage or not charge the batteries for more then 3 months as it can damage the batteries.

Memory Card

Using a computer "format" the memory card to erase all previous images, software or data. The memory card will then be put into the camera slot as shown below. When you start the camera go to "Setup" menu selection using the "right" PB, then down to "Zero Image Number" using the "down" PB, then click on the "Zero Img Nr" selection and on the viewfinder or display you will see "Press - key to Zero, any other key to cancel", then press the "- or minus" PB and it will zero the image and audio storage registers for the memory card.

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