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In 1992 CSIR introduced the CoroCAM, the worlds first corona camera capable of imaging daylight corona evolved and now multiple models are available to meet the needs your peer's have asked for. Imaging ultraviolet and solar-blind ultraviolet wavelengths and overlaying them on visible or infrared wavelength images or video. Please stay tuned as there are more advances in high voltage monitoring coming soon !

The CoroCAM 7 was introduced at the IEEE-PES 2016 in Dallas getting user feedback and exhibiting world-class leading edge technology. The objective in developing this type of camera combination is to save time and get the complete picture/understanding of the problem in one viewing and record the test results with GPS coordinates on the image. The intuitive on-screen menu is selected and adjusted by a joystick combo. Shipments of the CoroCAM 7 began in July 2016.

UViRCO offer's "time saving technology", camera reliability, camera and corona field training, and can give you the complete understanding of the corona or arcing problem. UViRCO listen's and understand's what you really need as they work with electric utility ESKOM, a long-time EPRI member. UViRCO Technologies continues to build the latest technology and Reliability into there Corona Camera's based upon field use feedback and laboratory testing.

Please see the: CoroCAM 7 Brochure CoroCAM 7 Training CoroCAM EPRI Corona Inspection Guide PPT CoroCAM 504 on Train CoroCAM 7 Light Rail Inspection


Please contact Dan Ninedorf tel: 800-531-6232 or by email cameras@maqs.net for more information or to get your CoroCAM 7.


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