MultiCAM with Daylight Corona, overlaid on LW Infrared or Color Visible

The MultiCAM is the worlds only multi-spectral camera capable of imaging daylight corona and overlaying it onto infrared or with the push of one button overlaying the daylight corona image onto a color visible image. This lightweight camera (at 7 lbs with 2 hour battery) weighs less and does more then any competitor camera.

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MultiCAM Images

The MultiCAM has been touring, demonstrating and being exhibited at shows across North America since July of 2007, getting user feedback and exhibiting world-class technology. The objective in developing this type of camera combination is to save time and get the complete picture/understanding of the problem in one viewing and record the test results with GPS coordinates on the image. The intuitive on-screen menu is selected and adjusted by a jostick combo.

When the competitors can't offer "time saving technology" and can't give you the complete understanding of the corona or arcing problem, they must not understand what you really need. Competitors offering excuses that "what if one camera fails" may have a high failure rate experience for there product?

Please contact Dan Ninedorf tel: 800-531-6232 or by email for more information or to get your MultiCAM

Where You find MultiCAM
Simplex Manufacturing Inc - Javelin Insulator Washer System

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