CoroCAM Demo Cameras for Sale

The following CoroCAM demo corona cameras are offered for sale within North America with a minimum one-year parts and labor warranty. All cameras are subject to prior sale or rental availability. The objective is to sell these cameras, rental to own is possible with a solid credit record and reason for rental versus purchase, rental for one-time projects is not the objective. We do rent for CoroCAM technology evaluation at different rates when a camera purchase is pending and apply the rental 100% towards the purchase price.

Demo For Sale -

Customer Purchase Orders for CoroCAM cameras are subject to credit approval, taxes, shipping and insurance are added, Terms & Conditions and each camera is warranted for one year from date of sale.

Demo Camera for Sale

Please contact Dan Ninedorf tel: 800-531-6232 or by email for more information or to get your Corona Camera.

Stop back soon as this site is always positively changing and growing.

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