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The following corona examples were found usually during my travels as I stopped beside the highway in North American with CoroCAM corona cameras. Please contact me regarding corona-IR-Visible survey services.

Corona Image & Video Example
UAV - CoroCAM 504 Flight Transmission Line Marker Balls Mid-String Corona - Indicates Contaminated or Punctured Insulators Proximity Corona Metal enclosed switchgear UV See's Fire Direction, IR see's hot burnt area's Wire diameter, Line Spacing, v applied voltage corona Corona & Heat are not always where damage is, Visible inspection needed. Corona can build up & discharge, or wind shifts hardware for a critical gap NCI often need corona rings, typ. 138kV & higher, 115kV above 3000ft Contaminated by Cooling Tower Water / Road Salt HV Electric Motor / Generator winding corona Infrared finds - Corona Flashover ? Insulator Cap Cement Porosity - Explosion Birds Nests Bird Protectors Transmission Tower Designs
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